About Us

We’ve been working on Banner Pens Australia for the last 9 years and as such we’re now the #1 supplier of banner pens (or scroll pens) in Australia, the only Australian banner pen specialist and the sole Australian supplier of the original and genuine ‘Flag Pens’ manufactured out of Germany.

Banner Pens Team - EveBanner Pens Team - Renee Banner Pens Team - Russell Banner Pens Team - Vicki


As a business, we DON’T just print and manufacture banner pens.  First and foremost, we deliver on promises that we make to our customers – promises around price, print quality, production and on-time delivery. Why?

  1. Because we are a company of our word – a company that you can rely upon.
  2. Because we understand that the primary drivers of growth within our business are repeat customers, and positive word of mouth.

Our banner pens business lives and dies on the level of service we provide our customers with and so rather than just give it lip service we strive to create a memorable experience whenever a customer comes in contact with us for our promotional pens.

We’ve had the privilege of helping some of the largest and well-known brands not only in Australia but Worldwide from a range of different industries:

  • Telecommunications, Insurance, and Finance
  • Retail, Travel, and Media
  • Social Media, Automobile, and Real Estate
  • Not For Profits, Education, and Government

We are incredibly proud of the service we deliver and are humbled by the positive feedback we get from our customers.